Social media usage and online advertising among businesses has seen unprecedented growth in the last few years.

Whether it’s Facebook, Youtube or Google, businesses from all industry verticals are showing signs of appreciating the power of social networking sites, online advertising and search engine optimization. Countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, China and India are at the forefront of online high incremental usage per day and per month. This online usage amongst potential end consumers then spills over to businesses having to be aware of promoting and positioning their brand identity and values to the former, in a manner that can be experienced and enjoyed by the user.

A business needs to understand that advertising dollars spent on online advertising and social media campaigns plus SEO exercises, need not necessarily break the bank and that the online analytics that can be obtained from such sustained campaigns can reveal much more intricate and engaging results about consumer behaviour and patterns, which can then be converted into quantifiable data.

This data then becomes meaningful information and knowledge that can be harvested and applied for effective decision making. We at ALDRICH Resources Berhad are big believers of Big Data harvesting and we practice what we preach – we can show you how this is done using our ‘Open Infinity Suite’.

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