As smartphones popularity continue to rise in the market, enterprise and industry, Mobile Applications are gaining popularity in many industries. From a corporate standpoint, it’s easy to see why mobile apps have become so popular. Unlike larger programs which are typically found on workstations and laptops—and are loaded with features most users will never use—apps are small, focused, and easy to use. As a result, we have developed all our products to be mobile capable and have created other applications to support the CMMS features for the industry. We offer consultancy and development services for creating cutting edge mobile applications and interactions. Our expertise lies in diverse platforms including Android and iOS environments. We are able to tap on an international talent pool ranging from professionals in Malaysia and India to help design and develop applications that can run on a variety of mobile phones and tablets.

Using Native and non-Native development platforms, we have already developed various mobile applications for multiple verticals.

We have developed our own E-wallet and mobile banking applications for the financial and merchant industry to further advance the sector. With our immense experience, we are capable of developing and engineering custom mobile applications for our customers.