MAPS is an application that can be used to monitor any KPI’s that is set by the customer. It will alert the management should there be any KPI’s not being met with in the set threshold.

ALDRICH Resources’s Monitoring of Application and Performance System (MAPS), is widely used now to value add to our asset and facility management system by enabling instant KPI tracking for assets scattered around globally. It is used as a Dashboard whereby the user can have a single glance of real time situations globally. It helps you keep track of all your assets and can analyse them to verify that they are all achieving their specified KPIs. This is a vital tool that helps manage your assets effectively.

The system marks your asset in real time on a map which lets you view all your assets in a user friendly manner. The system has integrated dashboards, alerts via email/SMS, Multi search functions, and many other features that can cater specifically to your needs. This highly customisable software will allow your business to integrate smoothly with our solution which minimises the short term change inefficiency and sharply increases the long term efficiency which in turn will reduce your costs.

Features of ALDRICH Resources MAPS include:

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