Due to our long and intricate exposure in the technology, financial and business consulting practice areas, we are able to offer a business our knowledge and mentoring capabilities through our ‘ideas@thepondok’ program. Equipped with mentoring, coaching and training sessions, the program is a consistent and effective way in which a company can improve, learn and manage their business and projects more efficiently. ideas@thepondok has been implemented in various research and academic institutions and private corporations both local and international. We are currently working with partners to roll out the program in states in Malaysia (North – East – West – South {NEWS}).

ideas@thepondok is essentially a suitable program targeted at accelerating business ideas and concepts to become full fledged operational and marketable businesses. Whether you are an individual with an idea, a startup that has initiated operations or a company that is already accessing markets, we can help you to accelerate your pace, learning curve and growth of the business.

What if you are a social enterprise? A Non Governmental Organization? A small enterprise? It does not matter.

We are here to help. Our program fees are reasonable and affordable. Each session normally takes in around 20 to 25 pax and the program runs for a period of 2 to 3 days. Also included is a mentoring and coaching component and industry expert segments.

The ideas@thepondok ‘University’ version helps to stimulate creativity, ‘idea-nation’ and generally spurs students to create their own start ups. The collaborative effort between ALDRICH Resources Berhad and educational establishments helps to nurture great ideas, business strategies and business models right from the heart of a critical thought centre, namely: educational centres and Universities themselves.

The program is specially designed to include group activities, role play, simulations, mind mapping and other ‘power tools & techniques’ based on the proprietary ideas@thepondok framework and methodology. We are always looking at ways to explore collaborative partnerships and are open to ideas.

For more details and to meet ALDRICH Resources’s Training & Knowledge Practice Division, please contact us.