ALDRICH Resources‘s Asset and Facility management system has been specifically tailored to increase efficiency while simplifying the analytical management of your movable and non-movable assets. The comprehensive system manages the entire life cycle of an asset and facility from the day an asset or facility is purchased till it is disposed which includes management, preventive and corrective maintenance, lease, depreciation, cost tracking, customer deployment and movement. It has a barcode system that allows for a swift and easy audit. All the assets are tagged which makes auditing simplified by scanning.

The system is also a vital tool for the management of an entity with a birds eye view from the dashboard a single location of their entire operations which allows them to monitor the KPI’s along with the tracking of assets. It has an integrated work order system that helps streamline the communication between people and the maintenance department. This allows for a smooth and effective process that improves response time, asset monitoring and asset running costs. This diverse system is guaranteed to improve your business by eradicating the management headaches and saving you money.

Features of ALDRICH Resources Asset & Facility Management include:

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